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Maximize Energy and Performance with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems


Rytec Automated Storage Retrieval System door line

A growing number of modern warehouses use automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to manage their inventory and distribution processes. These modern facilities use automated guided vehicles to place and retrieve items from specified inventory and storage locations.

These facilities often run as “lights-out” operations because ASRS robots don’t need a lighted warehouse to “see” what they’re doing. Because humans don’t need to regularly work in these areas, these warehouses sometimes incorporate a low-oxygen atmosphere to minimize energy costs.

Each of these computer-controlled facilities has multiple doors that must open and close hundreds of times per day. That’s a significant potential source of energy loss, especially in northern climates where the external temperature can vary by over 100 degrees between summer and winter.

Rytec Sure-Seal door

For facilities with ASRS, high-performance doors are critical to maximizing energy efficiency and performance. For example, Rytec’s Sure-Seal® high-performance doors are specifically designed for facilities equipped with ASRS. The Sure-Seal® is the ideal warehouse retrieval door for non-live-traffic interior applications where speed, low maintenance and dependability are critical. Here’s why: 

Thermal performance. Sure-Seal® high-performance doors open and close quickly. That helps to minimize air infiltration, which is especially important in cold storage facilities or those using an alternate atmosphere. That’s why this door is designed with excellent thermal properties and an R-4 insulating value. This insulated panel has laterally rigid and vertically flexible characteristics with a non-porous, moisture-proof vapor barrier for uniform performance. In addition, a top vinyl loop seal and low-temperature bottom edge seal help prevent ice propagation.

Efficient. Designed for non-live-traffic storage facility conveyor door systems, these high-performance doors have insulated panels and tight perimeter seals to provide exceptional energy savings when closed.

Integrated controls. A standard I/O expansion board and the programming versatility of Rytec’s System 4® Controller provide efficient integration capability with ASRS control systems.

Fast and quiet. Opening speeds up to 100 inches per second are ideal for facilities with frequent open-and-close cycles.

Durable. High-performance doors are engineered to withstand the rigors of a freezer environment while also providing optimal operational and energy efficiency.

It’s time to upgrade your facility’s energy efficiency

High-performance doors like the Rytec Sure-Seal® are specially designed to meet the unique needs of high-tech warehouse facilities equipped with ASRS. If your manufacturing, distribution and warehousing facilities still use older sectional doors or slow, maintenance-prone panel doors, it’s time for an energy and efficiency upgrade.

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