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June Is National Safety Month: Recognize it With Safety Signaling Devices


Rytec Pathwatch II Safety System

In 2019, there were 5,333 fatal workplace accidents – the highest number of deaths since 2007. Many of them were preventable, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). 

To raise awareness of common workplace hazards, the NSC has designated June 2021 as National Safety Month to focus on saving lives and preventing injuries – from the workplace to anyplace.

Attention-Getting Devices for Improved Safety

Safety is “Job One” in any environment, especially those that contain high-speed and high-performance doors. At Rytec, we know that safe, secure door opening and closing is crucial for both equipment and pedestrian well-being.

Here are some of the safety-enhancing options we offer to help our customers maintain safe and productive work environments:

high performance doors safety options

Basic Safety/Signaling Devices. These warning lights are typically used in industrial environments or applications where traffic rates are higher. They signal the door status, movement or issues with the door itself. They often use traffic lights with a red/yellow/green configuration, flashing strobe lights or rotating lights to alert forklift truck operators and pedestrians that the door is in motion and that they should stay clear of it.

Pathwatch® Safety Light Systems. Rytec’s Pathwatch® and NEW Pathwatch® II systems are effective, intuitive and customizable technologies that are designed to increase door threshold safety. Unlike conventional warning lights, the Pathwatch® systems attract attention from nearly any angle or direction of travel – exactly when and where it’s most critical.

Countdown Clock. This adjustable timer alerts nearby traffic to the amount of time that remains before the door begins closing. Like a street pedestrian crosswalk with a countdown timer, it helps nearby personnel to make better-informed judgments about the door’s status.

Audible Alert System. An audible alert system stores and plays back pre-recorded or user-created messages that can be played during various door activities. Customized messages – depending on the situation – may include “Attention: this door is about to close, please clear the doorway”, “Welcome to our dealership”, “Thank you for visiting our showroom” and “The door is in airlock mode, please wait for the airlock to clear.” Nearly any caution or warning communication is possible.

Advanced3 Light Curtain Safety System. Intelligent signal processing provides continuous monitoring for improved door performance and longevity. Mounted in the door’s travel path, this system registers activity up to a height of 6 feet 6 inches from the doorway threshold to help prevent collisions.

Ry-Wi® Wireless System. This Rytec technology provides two-way safety communication between the System 4® controller control box and the bottom bar of the door to enhance safety at door thresholds.

System 4

System 4® Door Controller. Rytec provides a variety of safety options that can be easily programmed into our System 4® Controller. Its flexibility enables a wide variety of action/response triggers, particularly important when traffic is blocking the light curtain or photo-eye safety devices. In addition, three simple buttons enable full digital control of all door functions, parameters and positioning.

See the features that make Rytec the safe choice in high-performance doors.

Or contact us to discuss your safety needs.


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