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6 Reasons Successful Auto Dealerships Use High-Performance Doors


Dealerships Use High-Performance Doors

In successful auto dealerships, the sales process starts with first impressions – and overhead doors often are one of the first things customers notice. To keep pace with rising customer expectations, savvy dealers are investing in a new standard of aesthetics and functionality: High-speed, high-performance doors.

Upgrading standard sectional doors to modern high-speed, high-performance doors deliver six key benefits:

1. Less downtime and maintenance.

Older sectional overhead doors have many moving parts that wear out and require maintenance, resulting in downtime, expensive service calls and costly repairs. In contrast, today’s high-performance doors are engineered for high-traffic, high-cycle environments and typically require less maintenance. With enhanced technology and rugged components, they’re proven to last cycle after cycle.

2. A better customer experience.

Modern high-performance doors set the stage for a positive customer experience. They play a significant part in welcoming traffic into your dealership or service area and immediately establish it as customer-focused. Customers are “wowed” by door speeds of up to 100 inches per second. And they keep your sales and service departments moving efficiently, day in and day out, resulting in satisfied customers.

3. Enhanced safety.

Some of the most common safety features and systems of today’s high-performance doors ensure that people and vehicles are protected as they enter and leave the service department. These can include activation sensors, safety light systems, reversing bottom edges and photo eyes.

4. Improved staff productivity.

High-speed doors provide superior protection against the elements. Because employees can work in a comfortable environment, they tend to be more productive and satisfied with their jobs. Many dealers have discovered that it’s easier to attract and retain the best service advisors and technicians when they provide a comfortable work area that’s not exposed to the outside elements.

5. Reduced energy costs.

Older sectional doors often provide minimal insulation and seals against the outside environment. Plus, they open and close slowly, allowing inclement weather from the outside to enter and impact the service area. This can increase energy costs for the dealership because the HVAC system must work harder to keep the service area at a constant temperature. Modern, high-performance roll-up doors seal tightly at the sides and bottom, minimizing air ingress from the outside and helping to further reduce energy loss.

6. Environmentally responsible. A growing number of dealership owners are including environmental stewardship as part of their mission statements. Accordingly, they’re been building energy-efficient facilities that are LEED-certified. LEED sets strict standards for recycling of materials, energy-efficient designs and environmentally friendly practices. High-performance doors can help them maintain that rating by using minimal energy to operate and by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool dealership service areas.

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