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High-Performance Doors Help Meet Growing Demand in the Food Industry


high performance fabric doors at food processing plant

As the world continues to face lingering challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the food processing and distribution industry is under pressure like never before. As a result, it’s being pushed to its limit as producers try to keep up with changing consumer tastes and supply chain challenges. There’s no question that it continues to be an essential industry worldwide.

The global food processing market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% from 2021 to 2028, driven by increased demand for meat and poultry and greater consumption of processed products during the pandemic. Sales of frozen and packaged foods increased dramatically during the pandemic, and have remained at a level that is 15-20% above pre-pandemic levels.

The rise in demand for fast and packaged food is expected to drive manufacturers to expand and modernize their production capabilities. In addition, labor shortages have forced many food processors to move in the direction of semi-automated and automated food production.

High-performance doors can provide food processing and distribution facilities with the reliability, speed and efficiency they need to meet today’s consumer expectations and supply chain needs.

Benefits of High-Performance Doors in Food Processing Facilities

Reduced Energy Costs

In the food processing and distribution industries, effective energy management is a must, because utilities are one of their largest expenses. The power required to keep products cold can make up more than 25% of a building’s operational cost – and it’s estimated that implementing energy-saving systems can cut these costs by nearly half.

Modern, high-performance doors can help food production and distribution facilities maximize their energy efficiency. These doors are manufactured with resilient components and energy-efficient materials – some of which have a high insulating R-value – to help reduce energy consumption and minimize energy loss.

Specially designed seals on the sides and bottom form a tight seal when the doors are closed. Less air infiltration leads to lower refrigeration costs. In below-zero environments, state-of-the-art insulated panels often virtually eliminate the need for conventional defrost systems.

High Reliability

In all types of food processing and distribution facilities, you need to keep food moving – so door reliability is critical. Modern, high-performance doors are less prone to downtime and maintenance than older doors. High-performance doors are typically made of durable and puncture-resistant materials for long-lasting performance. This helps facilities keep up with tight shipment schedules and increasing customer demands.

Fast Opening and Closing Speeds

With opening and closing speeds up to 100 inches per second, high-performance doors reduce air exchange between temperature-controlled environments and other parts of the facility. They also help facilities maintain a smooth flow of material handling equipment for maximum productivity.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Unlike heavily insulated doors, the lightweight panels and roll-up or sliding designs of high-performance doors put less strain on operating parts and require lower-horsepower drives to operate. Plus, self-repair, break-away and resetting options help reduce maintenance costs.

Support for Automated Facilities

After utilities, labor is the next largest expense in a food processing or distribution facility. However, the current labor shortage makes automation a necessity to stay competitive and improve efficiency.

That’s why a growing number of food processing and distribution facilities are moving to automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), which utilize automated guided vehicles to place and retrieve items from inventory. Specialized high-performance doors work seamlessly with these systems to keep facilities productive.

ensuring high performance for food processing and distribution facilities

Rytec high-performance doors help reduce energy costs and maximize productivity in food production and distribution facilities. Contact us today to discuss your high-performance door needs. Download our new ‘Speed, Safety and Security’ eBook to learn how to select the right high-speed door: Ensuring High Performance for Food Processing and Distribution.

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