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Improve Cold Storage Energy Efficiency with High-Performance Doors


Improve cold storage energy efficiency with high-performance doors

In the cold storage and food processing industries, effective energy management is a must. Doors that open and close slowly or have inadequate seals can cause significant energy losses. As a result, refrigeration systems must work harder to maintain constant temperatures in food preparation and food storage areas, potentially shortening equipment life. In extreme cases, poorly-sealed or inoperable doors can even lead to food spoilage.

How high-performance doors can help

Modern, high-performance doors can help cold storage and food production facilities to maximize their energy efficiency. Here’s how:

Energy savings. High-performance doors are manufactured with energy-efficient materials that have a high R-value to help reduce energy consumption and minimize energy loss. Specially designed seals on the sides and bottom form a tight seal when the door is closed.

Reduced refrigeration costs. Less air infiltration leads to lower refrigeration costs; state-of-the-art insulated panels often eliminate the need for conventional defrost systems. That keeps material-handling equipment operating safely through door openings.

Fast opening and closing speeds. High-speed doors reduce temperature and air exchange between controlled environments. They also help these facilities maintain a smooth flow of material handling equipment for maximum productivity.


Additional benefits of high-performance doors

In addition to these energy-saving benefits, high-performance doors can help cold storage and food production facilities in other ways: 

Fewer collisions. Vehicles are unlikely to collide with high-performance doors because of their fast open and close speeds. In the unlikely event of a forklift-door collision, many of these doors often can be reset in minutes, minimizing or eliminating downtime.

Safety. High-performance doors offer a full array of safety features – such as breakaway functionality, lighting systems and motion sensors – to provide safeguards for forklift operators and other personnel.

Reliable. High-performance doors are typically made of durable, insulated and puncture-resistant materials for long-lasting performance. This helps cold storage facilities keep up with tight shipment schedules and increasing customer demands.

Low maintenance. Unlike heavily insulated doors, the lightweight panels and roll-up or sliding designs of high-performance doors put less strain on operating parts and require lower-horsepower drives to operate. Modern doors are more reliable and less prone to downtime and maintenance.

Knock Temperature Differentials Out Cold

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