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Large and in Charge: High-Performance Doors for Large Openings


Fast-Seal train station door

Heavy equipment is used, maintained, repaired and stored in some of the world’s harshest environments. It needs to be protected by doors that are just as tough. Companies that operate these big machines are keenly focused on maximizing the productivity, uptime and return on investment of their expensive machinery.

Part of this strategy is utilizing specialized high-performance doors with dimensions up to 50 feet wide and 35 feet tall on the buildings used to store and maintain them. These doors are made to function properly in large openings while withstanding high winds, rain, snow and other elements that can quickly damage most conventional doors.

Large, high-performance doors are specially designed to handle the requirements of large, heavy-duty equipment. Here’s what makes them rugged and reliable:

Strong motors. Due to the size and weight of these large doors, they must be designed differently. High-performance doors often utilize two motors to move the door panels, instead of the standard one motor. This results in longer motor life.

Rugged, industrial-strength construction. Heavy-duty rubber panels provide excellent durability and flexibility, regardless of variations in ambient temperature and weather conditions. Plus, self-supporting structural steel side columns and an anodized aluminum bottom beam help these enormous doors to maintain strength and resist corrosion.

Wind-resistance. The large surface area of these doors means they are susceptible to high winds and changes in air pressure. Because many of these work sites are in remote, windswept areas, doors must be designed to dynamically respond to high-pressure wind loads. Many large doors may also contain wind bars for stability. For example, Stay-Fast™ wind stops increase the wind resistance of Rytec’s large rubber doors.

Less downtime. Heavy equipment doors must withstand the impact of accidental collisions with the mega-ton machines they protect. High-performance rubber doors release without damage to the panel, the side frames or the bottom bar – and they can be automatically reset within minutes to minimize downtime and keep big production equipment moving.

High-speed operation. With fast opening and closing speeds, high-performance doors help minimize the odds of equipment collisions while helping maintain a comfortable environment for workers inside facilities, regardless of the harsh conditions outside.

Powerhouse XL large opening doors for bus station

Excellent uptime. High-performance doors feature simple yet rugged components that minimize wear to the door’s parts. For example, Rytec’s Powerhouse® XL is designed without conventional torsion springs or wear parts, virtually eliminating maintenance. And the Powerhouse® SD is known to be virtually indestructible to meet the demands of the world’s most extreme environments. Plus, direct-drive variable-speed motors with integrated controls and diagnostics help ensure trouble-free operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Custom-fit. Using heavy-duty, durable components, high-performance large overhead doors can be custom manufactured for larger openings and are built to last.

How can high-speed roll-up doors help to streamline your heavy equipment service and storage needs? Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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