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Don’t Be Afraid of Looming Parking Structure Door Maintenance Costs


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As sectional doors on parking structures get older, they require a lot of costly and time-consuming maintenance. This can include everything from replacing worn-out components to realigning the tracks and rollers – and more. It can be downright scary for building owners and managers! 

Today’s high-performance doors take the fear out of door operation and maintenance. They’re designed to be dependable and require minimal repairs. They help parking structure and building owners avoid costly maintenance nightmares.

Minimal Maintenance. Today’s high-performance doors are designed with features like energy-efficient motors and self-diagnostic controllers to minimize maintenance. Their simple designs help ensure trouble-free, efficient operation, day in and day out.

That makes high-performance doors an excellent match for parking structures, where the door opening is often the only way for vehicles to get in and out. A broken door can make busy residents and tenants feel like they’re stuck in a low-grade horror movie. Reliability is a must!

Reduced Operating Costs. Because high-performance doors require less maintenance and fewer repairs than conventional doors, they also help facilities minimize ongoing operating costs. Door speed also reduces the chance of doors being hit by a passing vehicle.

Longer Lifespans. Conventional doors usually run with continuous metal-to-metal contact, shortening the lifespan of key operating parts and the door itself. Rytec doors have no metal-to-metal contact for a longer lifespan. In addition, Rytec doors use a variable-speed AC drive system that enables soft acceleration and deceleration. That helps increase the life of the door’s operating components.

Durable Materials. High-performance doors are made with durable materials: High-tech fabric doors are ideal for a variety of applications. Rigid aluminum doors provide security and project a sleek and contemporary look. And rubber panels are durable, relatively inexpensive and require zero maintenance.

Excellent Aesthetics. Parking structure doors don’t have to look dark and scary. High-performance doors offer multiple styles and colors to match nearly any architectural style, from functional to elegant. They’re also available with tinted window slats, which minimize solar heat gain, and ventilated slats, so your parking structure doesn’t smell like a haunted mansion.

Dependable – Day In, Day Out. Reliable, high-performance doors are engineered to withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles.

Spiral Parking Garage Door

Don’t fear door maintenance

If your parking structure still uses older sectional or panel doors, it’s time for an upgrade.

Contact us today to discuss how a high-performance door can help you take the fear out of door maintenance.


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