How High-Performance Doors Ensure Exceptional Uptime for High-Traffic Parking Structures

July 18, 2022

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High-performance doors ensure uptime for high-traffic parking structures

When it comes to parking structures, door reliability isn’t a “nice to have” – it’s a must. Parking entrance and exit doors need to open and close reliably, especially in high-traffic environments where doors experience a high volume of open-and-close cycles each day.

High-performance doors are an excellent match for high-traffic parking structures. They offer exceptional uptime in these demanding applications, where the door opening is often the only way for vehicles to get into and out of the structure.

How High-Performance Doors Ensure Smooth Parking Operations

Reliable. Rytec® high-performance doors are engineered to withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles. They provide reliable operation that ensures smooth and continuous traffic flow in and out of parking structures.

Durable. Rytec® doors are made with tough materials to withstand high-cycle applications and harsh weather environments, from snow and salt to hurricane winds.

Low maintenance. Rytec® high-performance doors are designed for trouble-free, efficient operation, day in and day out. Their patented Spiral® door design has no metal-to-metal contact, which reduces wear on the door panel and reduces the need for maintenance. Their counterbalance system and AC drive help reduce wear, increase door longevity and minimize preventive maintenance.

Fast. Opening speeds up to 60 inches per second help improve traffic flow and provide a “Wow!” experience for visitors and tenants.

Secure. Spiral® high-performance doors from Rytec are one of the most secure options for parking structures. Their fast opening and closing speeds discourage “piggybacking” – vehicles and people sneaking into the structure as a vehicle is entering it. This increases safety and security for visitors and tenants alike.

Rytec Connect Door Options. Today’s high-performance doors offer a full range of options. They simplify access management with multiple options for access control, including Bluetooth-based technology, mobile apps, wireless key fobs and traditional key cards. Doors can also be connected to a cloud-based access management portal that allows building owners to control access rights based on each user’s unique needs – ideal for busy parking structures at mixed-use building complexes.

Intelligent Controls. The Rytec System 4® Door Controller includes an intelligent processor that monitors and controls power consumption for reliable and energy-efficient operation.

When you need reliable doors for your high-traffic parking structure, contact us to discuss your needs.


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