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Master the Cold with High-Performance Doors


Master the Cold

Today’s large cold storage facilities are masterpieces of efficiency. They’re designed to keep refrigerated and frozen food moving, 24/7/365. Time is money. 

In these non-stop environments, doors must open and close hundreds of times per day. In facilities that operate 24/7, they may cycle more than a thousand times a day, as forklifts move food in and out of cold storage areas, docks, laboratories and packaging areas.

Doors must be extremely reliable for the facility to meet its tight shipment schedules and customer demands. Even the loss of one door can cause a massive hit on productivity, as material-handling vehicles must use other routes through the building or must be diverted to use other loading areas. As a result, trucks can’t be loaded and unloaded as quickly.

In a worst-case scenario, if a door is stuck in the open position, a large volume of warm air can enter refrigerated or frozen storage areas, causing food spoilage. Yet another food supply chain issue which can cause immediate and future impacts downstream.

That’s why door uptime is a must. High-performance doors offer next-generation features that help maintain traffic flow and productivity to ensure continuing operations in coolers, freezers, dry storage, produce, automated storage/retrieval, blast freezers and USDA/FDA food processing.

Reliability is job one

When your facility runs 24/7, you need doors that work reliably day in, day out. Fast open and close rates help to minimize air ingress and moisture infiltration, as well as frost build-up at door thresholds. This helps them to maintain top-notch food product and ingredient quality.

Rytec high-performance doors are designed with simple, reliable operation in mind. Their lightweight panels and roll-up or sliding designs put less strain on operating parts and require lower-horsepower drives to operate. As a result, they’re more reliable and less prone to downtime and maintenance.

When it comes to routine maintenance, the Rytec doors’ advanced design System 4® controller enables adjustments to door operation to be made at floor level. This ingenious system offers total digital control and self-diagnostics to minimize maintenance surprises.

Eliminating a major source of downtime

Maintaining the smooth movement of raw ingredients and finished products throughout a cold storage warehouse is critical to efficient operations. One of the biggest threats to this flow is vehicle-door collisions.

Versatile and durable high-performance doors open and close quickly, but safely, to reduce the likelihood of these events. This ensures that forklift, pallet jack and other vehicular traffic have a safe yet fast method of moving through the facility.

This means that a forklift hitting the door panel is rare. But when it does happen, Rytec’s Quick-Set™ Break-Away™ tabs allow the bottom bar to separate from the side columns undamaged. They allow the door to be reset without tools in just seconds. And soft edge flexible doors with breakaway capabilities and automatic self-repairing technology, virtually eliminate door downtime.

FlexTec Breakaway

Watch the FlexTec® breakaway door in action.

Palermo’s Pizza

See how one food manufacturer uses Rytec doors to keep pace with America’s appetite for pizza.

Rytec high-performance doors help increase productivity, reduce energy costs and improve traffic flow and safety in cold storage facilities. Contact Us today to discuss your high-speed door needs.

Learn more about Rytec High-Performance doors for cold storage here.


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