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Touchless Activation Options Help Keep Clean Rooms Germ-Free


Rytec Pharma-Seal DoorDuring the last several years, the pharmaceutical industry has been on the front lines in the global fight against COVID-19 and its variants, other infectious diseases and cancers. Pharmaceutical companies have ramped up their research and are bringing new vaccines and treatments to market faster than ever. That means their production facilities need to operate with unparalleled efficiency.

Due to stringent cGMP and FDA regulations, pharmaceutical and life sciences products must be produced in clean room conditions. The first line of defense against germs is specially-designed clean room doors equipped with touchless activation. They help to:

  • Control the spread of germs or viruses,
  • Reduce the risk of chemical contamination,
  • Ensure increased safety for staff, and
  • Improve productivity with more efficient traffic flow.

As diseases become more aggressive and resistant to antibiotics and other treatments, it’s critical to safeguard your facility as much as possible.

Hands-free activation options for clean room doors

High-performance clean room doors offer a wide range of touchless activation options not found on traditional doors. They help medical facilities, pharmaceutical operations and food storage warehouses maintain germ-free environments while also streamlining traffic flows between different areas of the building.

Touchless door activation options include:

Induction floor loop sensor (above or below the surface of the floor): This type of device senses the presence of vehicles and people to automatically open the doors.

Motion/presence detector: This type of device detects the presence or movement of people and equipment and opens the door. It’s a preferred option for high-traffic areas.

Wave to OpenWave-to-open sensor: Pull cords or push plates require human contact, which can transmit germs. A wave-to-open sensor detects movement in front of it and automatically opens the door.

Integration with automated guided vehicles (AGVs): Many facilities that require clean room conditions are opting for AGVs to move products from one room to another. The AGV control system can communicate with the Rytec System 4® controller to ensure the doors are opened in time and closed promptly after the AGV exits the room.

Flexible detection options: Use of LZR®-WIDESCAN enables facility owners to customize the detection areas adjacent to the doorway. This helps to ensure that foot traffic near the door is consistently detected.

Rytec offers clean room door models that meet multiple guidelines and compliance needs, with a wide variety of touch-free automation options. Contact us today to discuss your clean room door needs.

Learn more about Rytec clean room doors here.


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