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A Myriad of High-Performance Door Options for Your Auto Dealership


High-Performance Door Options for Your Auto DealershipSpecifying high-performance doors for auto dealerships is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each area of the dealership has unique functional and aesthetic needs that require different types of doors. 

Within the typical auto dealership, doors need to be specified based on interior or exterior use, door traffic types and volume, the number of estimated open/close cycles per day and the type of security required.

Here’s a helpful summary of the areas of a modern auto dealership where high-performance doors can enhance the customer experience and help you streamline operations:

Service Reception Area

When a customer brings their car in for service, this is the first area of the dealership they see. It must set the tone for a positive experience. A full-vision high-performance door works best here. Its high-tech aesthetics and fast opening and closing speeds provide a “WOW!” experience for customers driving into the service reception area.

Its speed and efficiency also enable a smooth flow of vehicles into and out of the service area and help to maintain a comfortable environment for customers, service advisors and technicians.

Full vision panels enable customers driving into the service area to see inside the building and anticipate what awaits them there. This transparency also helps service advisors and technicians to keep an eye out for approaching customers.

New Car Delivery

Some dealerships have a separate indoor area where they make an event out of handing over customers’ new cars to them. Your customers just made a major investment. That’s why this area is all about creating a positive customer experience. Here, too, a full-vision, high-performance door provides a memorable “WOW!” experience for new car owners.

Car Wash

In this environment, water is everywhere. It requires a door that’s designed to withstand water and moisture on all major door parts. Within the Rytec product line, the PredaDoor® NXT® and Plexline® fabric doors are ideally suited for these demands. Some doors are available with special options to prevent corrosion and ensure longer motor life in this perpetually wet environment.

Parts Delivery/Drop-Off

Frequently, auto dealerships are designed with a parts delivery door at the rear of the facility, in a less-visible location. Unlike some of the other areas of the dealership, this door doesn’t need to open and close as many times per day, and opening and closing speeds aren’t as critical. It may even be a manually-operated door.

In this location, a lower-speed/lower-cycle door such as the Rytec Spiral VP® can help dealerships affordably meet these needs while maintaining the dealership’s overall look and feel.

Showroom Access

Modern dealerships frequently include a door that enables personnel to move new vehicles on and off the showroom floor. Because this is a showstopper environment, the door selected must match the showroom’s high-tech, high-performance vibe.

A high-speed, full-vision door projects a high-tech, sleek, high-touch look, making it perfect for this premier environment. Fast opening and closing speeds are not only impressive to visitors but also help to maintain a comfortable temperature in the showroom when moving new vehicles in and out.

Additional Options

Today’s high-performance doors offer several more options that increase their visual appeal and make them more efficient in auto dealerships.

For example, tinted vision slats not only look cool but they help the dealership stay cool. They decrease solar heat build-up inside the building, reducing the energy required to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature for customers and workers. Ventilated slats are also available.

Dealership owners and architects invest a lot of time and effort into creating a building that’s elegant and inviting. High-performance door colors can be customized to match nearly any application or setting. They can also display bold graphics that integrate with your brand.

Door headers also can be installed behind walls or drop ceilings for a cleaner look. When constructed in this way, the panels seem to “disappear” when the door opens. In the same way, the door controller can be mounted flush with the wall, in the door’s side column or even a remote location. Gone is the industrial look. In its place is a seamlessly integrated, elegant, minimalist environment that your customers will love.

In conclusion, high-performance doors from Rytec can be customized to provide your customers with an enhanced, memorable experience at your auto dealership.

Contact us today to discuss your needs or explore Rytec’s automotive door offerings.


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