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Rytec Energy Analysis Quantifies Cold Storage Door Costs


TSI-Analysis in cold storage facility

How much are old, inefficient doors costing your cold storage facility? Potentially much more than you realize.

In today’s high-production cold storage environments, doors must open and close hundreds of times per day. In facilities that operate 24/7, they may cycle more than a thousand times a day as forklifts move food in and out of cold storage areas, docks and packaging areas.

Doors that open and close slowly or that have inadequate seals can cause significant energy losses between refrigerated and non-refrigerated areas. As a result, refrigeration systems must work harder to maintain constant temperatures in food preparation and food storage areas, leading to significantly higher energy costs.

Air infiltration can also lead to frost buildups around door openings. This can cause safety issues for people and material-handling equipment, and can also prevent doors from closing tightly.

According to the latest Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator survey, 73% of U.S. companies plan to increase their investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart building technology during the next 12 months.

How much are inefficient older doors costing your cold storage facility? One way to know for sure is to conduct an energy analysis.

Energy SavingsRytec can provide a comprehensive audit of your facility’s temperature, humidity and energy use data as well as the savings (return on investment) associated with replacing older, slower conventional doors with high-performance doors.

Request yours today and we will contact you regarding the specific facility information required to complete it.

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