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Rytec’s History of Innovation in Auto Dealership Doors


Rytec has contributed over 35 years of high-performance door innovation to a wide array of industries – including over 20 years in automotive dealerships. Our consistent focus on improving door performance, reliability, durability and safety has made Rytec a leading choice for auto dealerships across North America.

Here’s a summary of our most important door innovations and their implications for this industry:

Rytec PredaDoor NXT1994: The PredaDoor® NXT® Door

The PredaDoor® NXT® was one of the first affordable, high-speed fabric roll-up doors in North America. Because of its opening and closing speed of 50 inches per second, many auto dealerships adopted it to keep traffic moving in and out of busy service areas.

Its energy efficiency also made it an excellent choice for areas with weather extremes – from the bitter-cold winters of northern Canada to the sweltering summers of the Gulf Coast.

Rytec Spiral HZ Door1999: The Spiral® Rolling Door

When it was introduced over two decades ago, the Spiral® door was North America’s first high-speed aluminum rolling door. Its stylish looks, dependability and fast opening and closing speeds – up to 60 inches per second – quickly made it a favorite of auto dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Spiral® door’s double-walled aluminum slats, integral rubber weather seals and heavy-duty hinge system provide exceptional security. Its roll-up design minimizes metal-to-metal contact, which reduces wear and tear on door panels and enables fast, quiet operation.

Spiral FV Lexan Vision panels2004: The Spiral® FV® Door

Spiral® FV® (Full Vision) doors are one of the most popular choices for high-performance doors in auto dealerships today. With its full-width window panels, the Spiral® FV® combines ultra-high speed with high-tech elegance. With opening speeds of up to 100 inches per second, it provides an unmistakable “Wow!” experience for customers.

Spiral® FV® doors are made with 9-inch, aluminum-framed vision slats, protected by shatter-proof and scratch-resistant Lexan™ polycarbonate. With a variety of tinted window options for solar heat gain reduction, Spiral® FV® doors help improve the comfort of your dealership’s customers and staff in hot climates.

The Spiral® FV® door is also available with several stylish options that help enhance the overall branding of your facility, including RAL and custom color-matched powder-coated finishes. They enable you to match your doors to the color scheme of your building. These Rytec high-performance doors can be enhanced with large-scale graphics to promote your business and increase brand awareness.

Rytec Spiral HZ Door2006: Spiral® HZ® Doors

The Spiral® HZ® (Hurricane Zone) door is the first high-speed, high-performance hurricane-rated door certified for compliance with Miami-Dade County and/or the Florida Building Code. Heavy-duty reinforced hinges and rigid aluminum slats provide the strength required to handle hurricane-force winds. Able to withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour, it’s the only certified wind load door currently on the market.

Spiral VP 2 Doors

2016: The Spiral
® VP® Door

The Spiral® VP® door features the stylish design and structural integrity of the Spiral® high-performance door series. Still, it offers a new combination of quality, value and performance for lower-speed, lower-cycle applications.

The Spiral VP® door® combines proven Spiral® door components with a small footprint that allows the door to be installed almost anywhere a conventional overhead door fits – without visible attachment hardware. With sleek styling, quiet functioning and a compact profile, the Spiral VP® door is an affordable option for smaller auto dealerships that may not need the exceptional speed of the Spiral® FV® door.

2022: SmartSurround® Advanced Detection & Alert System

The new SmartSurround® advanced detection and alert system utilizes advanced light curtain sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to track traffic entering and exiting the door threshold and adjusts the operation of the door and alerting systems accordingly. It can detect and respond to a vehicle that may be blocking the door threshold, a pedestrian wandering into the doorway and other scenarios as well. This intelligent system increases door awareness and improves operational safety in auto dealerships. It’s available for Spiral®, Spiral® FV®, Spiral® LH®, Spiral® LP and all Premium Prewired Package Spiral® doors.

View all of Rytec’s innovative high-performance doors for automotive dealerships here.



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