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Consider These Options When Evaluating Door Activation Systems


Activation Options for Manufacturing

Successful manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facilities must keep their businesses moving quickly and efficiently. Improving traffic flow and productivity are crucial to keeping equipment and product moving, day in and day out. That’s why many facilities add high-performance doors throughout their facilities.

As early adopters of technology, leaders in these industries have quickly embraced the unique benefits of high-performance doors, including the latest activation options. Many facilities start by implementing basic devices, then gradually add more sophisticated systems to their operations. Using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality construction, these industrial door components help take door performance to the next level while providing extraordinary reliability.

The Benefits of Activation Systems for High-Performance Doors

Productivity – Provide easy movement through door thresholds, allowing operators to maintain traffic patterns 24/7.

Efficiency – Reduce the chance of contact with doors for smooth movement throughout the entire facility.

Safety – Improve safety for both equipment and pedestrians by increasing awareness of door movement.

Environmental regulation – Control environmental differentials by minimizing door open time.

Clean – Ensure hygienic access to facilities with hands-free activation and touchless operation options.

Easy maintenance – Simplify instructions for troubleshooting and door operation when necessary.

A Range of Activation Options

Different facility operations require customized activation methods depending on the type of vehicle and pedestrian traffic moving through doorways and near the threshold. Each facility must evaluate its traffic patterns and performance requirements to determine which method is suitable for them.

Basic: Manual Activation Devices

Manual activators are simple devices used to intentionally activate, open, close and stop doors in low-traffic applications. They work well in many different areas where defined use or traffic patterns are desired. As the most basic activation systems, these are often the first devices a facility might implement.

Manual activation devices include:

  • Single Mushroom Push Button
  • Push Button, Open/Close/Stop
  • Wave-to-Open Sensor
  • Remote Emergency Stop Button
  • Stainless Push Plate
  • Pull Cords, Standard and Heated
  • Remote Controls (Radio & Bluetooth Transmitters)
  • Remote Keyed Push Buttons

Advanced: Automatic Activation Devices

Automatic activation devices are one step above manual options. These more advanced systems allow users to open and close doors hands-free in various traffic situations, including high-traffic environments in many conditions.

Automatic activation devices include

  • Induction Floor Loop Sensors (Above Ground and Below Surface) – Basic electronic/electromagnetic vehicle detection
  • Motion or Presence Detectors – Greater functionality for higher traffic rates and zones

Premium: Enhanced Activation Devices

  • Motion & Presence Detector Combination Unit
  • Laser-Based Detector

The Laser-Based Detector is one of the most advanced options for hands-free door activation. It offers “virtual pull cord activation” which eliminates the need for manual touch zones, reducing the risk of germ and virus transmission. This innovative device enhances safety for staff, visitors, and vehicle traffic, making it an excellent solution for minimizing contact.

A Laser-Based Detector manages the desired activation area, allowing definition and flexibility to enhance interaction in areas adjacent to the doorway. With flexible mounting and wide path coverage, it is ideal for applications where various traffic types are expected. It also allows you to precisely define dedicated areas to enhance traffic interaction, particularly in areas where untrained users or traffic unfamiliar with the door’s automated activities is expected. When combined with the Rytec System 4® Controller, it offers unmatched versatility for automatic door activation.

Which ones are right for you?

Efficiency and safety around door openings are of utmost importance due to the rapid and frequent operation of high-performance doors. Activation options help improve traffic flow in these areas by increasing awareness of door movement and providing simplified instructions for troubleshooting and door operation. No matter what activation options you choose, Rytec high-performance doors for manufacturing, distribution or warehouse facilities can help you improve traffic flow and productivity throughout your operation.

Not sure which options are right for your facility? Contact us today to evaluate which activation devices will make the most of your Rytec high-performance doors.


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