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Ultra-High-Speed, Security and Full Vision - All in One Door

Spiral® FV® High Performance Door

Using ultra-high-speed operation and unique spiral technology, the Spiral® FV® door is fast and extremely quiet. Top-to-bottom, full-width window slats provide extra safety and a high-tech look to promote an enviable image of cutting-edge operations. The Spiral FV door is ideal for modern production and commercial environments, such as automotive dealerships, government, parking, and security applications where a full view overhead security door is desired.

Spiral FV is backed by a 5-year limited warranty on motor/mechanical components and materials, plus a 2-year limited warranty on electrical components. 

The Rytec Spiral® door portfolio includes models certified to withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour. See our hurricane-rated doors.

  • Shatter-proof and scratch resistant LEXAN™ slats provide excellent visibility and natural light, while maintaining the security of a rigid door.
  • Optimize operational efficiency and customer perception with opening speeds up to 100 inches per second.
  • Counterbalance system, patented spiral design and AC drive reduce wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance.
  • SmartSurround™ Advanced Detection & Alert System combines optical light curtains to monitor traffic and visual safety lights – all in one.
  • Advanced3 Light Curtain Safety System continuously monitors door opening.
  • Mechanical brake release lever allows door opening in the event of power failure.


  • 9-inch, clear anodized aluminum-framed vision slats
  • Integral weatherseal between the slats
  • Heavy-duty hinge system for door panel assembly
  • Durable powder coated steel side columns and head console (excludes US/R models)
  • Extension springs in side column


  • Translucent bronze or grey tinted slats
  • Hood and motor covers
  • Classic RAL and custom color match powder coated finish
  • Electric reversing edge with Ry-Wi® Wireless System
  • Spiral® Pre-Wired Premium Package (size restrictions)
Prewire with Seal

Optional Pre-Wired Premium Package

  • Reduces electrical connections by over 90% requiring no need to access System 4 which is mounted in head assembly
  • Typical electrical installation – including power supply and activation, can be completed in two hours or less
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – minimal conduit and wiring with multiple mounting configurations with smaller compact display unit
red stripes

See the Rytec Spiral® FV® Door in Action

High security, high speed and a high-tech look with full-vision window slats for visibility.

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