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High-Performance Doors Help Keep Parking Structures Safe and Secure


spiral rigid rolling doors on a parking garage building

Maintaining traffic security, control and safety are critical aspects of a successful parking operation. Residential buildings, office buildings and professional facilities can benefit from installing high-performance, high-speed doors to enhance the safety and security of their tenants, residents and visitors.

Maintaining Safety and Security

In both residential and commercial parking structures, high-performance doors are equipped with many safety features designed to protect vehicles and people at the point of entry while also maintaining a secure environment.

For apartments and condos, stand-alone parking facilities and office buildings, high-performance doors provide optimal traffic flow and reduce the risk of unauthorized individuals accessing the facility. Tailgating (also called piggybacking) is the practice of an unauthorized person driving behind an authorized vehicle to gain access to a building through the parking structure before the door closes. In some cases, unauthorized visitors on foot may attempt to duck under the door before it closes.

High-performance doors can open and close at up to 100 inches per second, helping reduce these incidents and providing a secure structure – minimizing the potential for vehicle thefts, break-ins and vandalism.

Technology Supports Safety

Many of today’s high-performance doors offer multiple technological options for access control, including mobile apps and wireless key fobs in addition to traditional key cards. Doors may also be connected to a cloud-based access management portal – enabling building owners to control access rights based on each resident’s and user’s unique needs. One example of this technology is the Rytec Connect™ remote door monitoring and management system, which ensures 24/7 tracking of door operations.

High-performance doors can also be equipped with multiple safety features, including warning light systems, photo eyes and wireless reversing edges to help increase vehicle safety and overall security in parking structures.

Reliable Operation for Secure Parking

Modern high-performance doors are built to rugged standards to help building owners maintain a secure environment and ensure long-lasting operation. They also may include features such as optional vision slats to provide visibility through the door, and ventilated slats that can be incorporated into them to improve air exchange. The strong yet elegant look of high-performance doors also can enhance each building’s aesthetic appeal.

In high-traffic environments like parking structures, door dependability is critical. Reliable doors help building owners maintain a smooth flow of vehicles into and out of the facility. High-performance doors also are designed with minimal maintenance in mind – such as energy-efficient motors and self-diagnostic controllers – to ensure trouble-free, efficient operation, day in and day out.

See how high-performance doors can improve your building’s parking structure and enhance safety and security in your facility. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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