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High-Performance Doors Maximize Speed and Security for First Responders


speed and security for first responders

Now more than ever, time and speed are crucial in emergencies. Local residents expect a fast response to their calls, and first responders must be ready and able to meet those expectations. In addition, today’s world requires enhanced safety and security measures for emergency response teams and law enforcement facilities.

High-performance doors are uniquely able to support emergency service providers, including fire departments, EMS and police services, enabling them to quickly and safely respond to emergencies.

Reliable operation. For any first responder, door reliability is a must. When an emergency happens, response time is everything. If a fire truck, ambulance or police car can’t exit the building because a door is non-operational, public safety and lives may be on the line.

High-performance doors are engineered for high-traffic, high-cycle environments like fire stations and EMS facilities. They’re built to last for millions of opening cycles of daily use, assuring reliable operations, while affording low operating costs and minimal maintenance.

Fast opening speed. To minimize loss of life and property, reducing response times is a top priority for emergency personnel. The faster a door’s opening speed, the faster personnel can respond to an emergency.

Rytec high-performance doors get out of the way – fast – so emergency responders can hit the road faster. These efficient doors open at speeds up to 100 inches per second, ensuring fast vehicle exits from facility bays and speedy response times.

Low maintenance. Conventional doors usually run with continuous metal-to-metal contact, shortening the lifespan of key door components and increasing maintenance requirements.

In contrast, high-performance doors are extremely low maintenance. For example, Rytec Spiral® doors have no metal-to-metal contact, providing a longer lifespan and minimizing maintenance and downtime.

Increased security. High-performance doors close completely and seal at the sides and bottom to prevent unauthorized access. By using rigid Rytec doors for parking, sally ports and other operations, facility security can be assured and maintained. Plus, Rytec high-performance doors offer a full array of safety features, from access and light systems to wireless operation, to provide additional safety and security.

Whether you’re building a new facility or updating an existing building, high-performance doors represent life-saving solutions for fire stations, police garages and emergency response services. Contact us today for more information on how a Rytec door can benefit your fire, rescue, and EMS operations.

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