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High-Performance Doors Enhance High-Tech Automated Parking Structures


Automated parking structures (APS) and high-performance doors

Automated parking structures (APS) are growing in popularity around the world because they enable more cars to be parked in a smaller amount of space. High-performance doors are the perfect choice for new APS projects. They not only keep vehicles moving efficiently in and out of the structure but also contribute to their high-tech appeal.

What are automated parking structures?

They utilize automated systems to transport cars to and from parking spaces (instead of a driver), then stack the cars door-to-door or vertically. They eliminate much of the wasted space in a traditional multi-story parking garage. They maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing the structure’s horizontal and vertical footprint.

How do automated parking structures work?

After drivers enter the structure, they position their cars on a platform, pay for parking and exit their vehicles. Then the robotic platform system moves them to stalls within the structure. When the driver wishes their car returned, vehicles can be automatically retrieved within minutes.

Benefits of APS

Use less space. Automated parking structures require 60% less building volume and 40% less land area than traditional parking structures, allowing them to be constructed in condensed urban areas where there’s limited space for buildings. In addition, there’s no need for ramps and double-wide driving lanes. Ceilings can be lower and vehicles can be parked closer together. Plus, above-ground automated parking structures can be built in areas that can’t accommodate subterranean excavation.

Space is convertible to other future uses. There are no ramps or other dedicated structures for parking, allowing this type of parking structure to be easily converted to other future uses.

More profit per square foot. There’s less space used for the parking structure. That space can be put to more profitable uses, such as retail stores or additional apartments or condos. 

Better security. Parking structures can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians because accidents, break-ins and assaults sometimes happen in parking garages. However, because there’s no foot traffic in an APS, these security issues are eliminated.

Less overhead costs. Automated parking structures are self-running systems that don’t require human personnel, which reduces the labor costs to operate the parking structures.

High-Performance Doors in APS

High-performance doors are a great fit for APS because they provide high-speed access to these sophisticated structures.

High-tech performance. High-performance doors match the innovative design and performance of automated parking structures, helping create a high-tech impression. With their high-speed operation, they’re a model of robotic efficiency, helping to accentuate the entire parking experience for drivers.

Safety and security. Their fast open and close speeds improve safety and security within the structure, as well as for the residents of attached apartments or condos and visitors to adjacent retail shops.

Advanced controls. Unlike traditional overhead doors, high-performance doors can be paired with the latest access control devices that streamline the entire management and user experience. From key fobs and smartphone apps to Activation & Access Remote Control (AARC) which allows you to easily manage parking structure access via a web portal, high-performance doors are an ideal choice for APS.

Learn more about how high-performance doors can be utilized in an APS. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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