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The Secret to Smooth Operations in Cold Storage and Food and Beverage Facilities: High-Performance Doors


High Performance Cold Storage Doors

In any cold storage or food and beverage facility, success hinges on your ability to keep everything under control, such as the physical environment, warehouse equipment, pedestrian traffic, and operating cost. Inefficient and slow conventional overhead doors can threaten this carefully orchestrated flow of operations throughout your facility and to the end user.

When doors don’t open and close quickly, they compromise the movement of people, materials and loads. When a door breaks down or needs to be repaired after a collision, material handlers must find a new route through the building. The result? Traffic jams, slowed operations, and a loss of productivity and profits.

High-performance doors are specially engineered to address these issues and keep your company’s operations flowing smoothly, day in and day out. They offer unimpeded access to all areas of the facility, while ensuring environmental separation and compliance. This level of control, combined with minimal maintenance and downtime, ensures operational efficiency far beyond what you get from conventional overhead doors.

Benefits of High-Performance Doors for Cold Storage & Food and Beverage Facilities

High-speed Operation

With opening speeds up to 100 inches per second or more, there’s no more waiting for doors to open or close. High-performance doors keep up with the fast pace of your facility to maintain the freshness of raw materials and finished products.

Reliable Performance

When a door goes down in your facility, it affects productivity throughout your entire operation, which can lead to extensive – and expensive – delays and bottlenecks. High-performance doors are designed to keep your operation running at peak efficiency. They’re engineered to withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles, which means less downtime and fewer repairs. They’re built with a limited number of wear parts to minimize maintenance requirements over the life of the door. They’re manufactured with tough, durable materials to withstand harsh cold storage environments, such as insulated, puncture-resistant, polymer-impregnated monofilament polyester fabric, to ensure years –– even decades –– of useful service life.

Less downtime

Unlike conventional doors, high-performance doors are made of rugged materials that provide a tight door seal, yet are flexible enough to move out of the way during a collision. Instead of absorbing the force of the impact, the door panel lifts out of the side column tracks and easily moves out of the way, reducing the potential for damage to the door, equipment, loads and people.

After impact, high-performance doors can be quickly restored to normal operation in less than a minute. A worker simply aligns the bottom of the door to the side of the opening where the motor is located. After they press the door activation button, the door quickly restores itself to full operation in seconds without the need for tools.

Remote monitoring

Rytec Connect® makes it easy to remotely manage and monitor the activity of Rytec High-Performance doors. Using cloud-based technology, this remote door monitoring and management system lets you monitor door status, receive preventive alerts, and view live maps of all door locations 24/7.
• Open or close doors anytime, anywhere
• Easily set routes and priorities for multiple doors
• Initiate preventive maintenance
• Get support in real-time

Safety light systems

Rytec’s Pathwatch® II system is an effective, intuitive, customizable safety communication technology designed to increase threshold safety. Unlike conventional warning lights, Pathwatch® II attracts attention from nearly any angle or direction of travel to effectively capture attention and warn personnel that the door panel is about to move. In concert with the original Pathwatch® system, this complete safety light system features the following:

  • Bright, energy-efficient LED lights produce stripes along the entire width of most door openings
  • Easily mounts above the door on each side of the opening
  • Amber-colored lights flash to indicate door movement is imminent
  • Red lights illuminate when the door is closing
  • Fully adjustable flash rate and timing

High-performance doors help you control every aspect of cold storage and food and beverage production and distribution. Rytec offers doors that meet USDA/FDA and cGMP standards while keeping energy costs low. Learn more about Rytec high-performance doors for the cold storage and food and beverage industries. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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