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SmartSurround™ Advanced Detection & Alert System

The new Rytec SmartSurround™ features next-generation pattern recognition and advanced traffic-sensing technology. By combining artificial intelligence, optical light curtains and high intensity signaling lights in a single unit, the SmartSurround system creates an active 4-corner perimeter guard that extends beyond the door threshold while minimizing the impact on valuable floor space near the door opening. It allows the door to detect and respond to traffic while providing a visual cue for vehicles and pedestrians in the immediate area. 

Get ‘Smart’ and choose the latest in advanced detection technology with Rytec high performance doors equipped with SmartSurround. Available for Spiral®, Spiral® FV®, Spiral® LH®, Spiral® LP and all Premium Prewired Package Spiral® doors.

  • Intuitive, integrated system offers unmatched awareness, detection, warning and signaling capabilities
  • Customizable LED light settings with adjustable brightness control, color choice, timing, flashing rates and cascading population to match the needs of individual facilities
  • Secure connectivity with CAN Bus communication and connection technology and quick-connect cables
  • Alert lights activate if traffic has not fully passed through the doorway or still may be present in the surrounding area
  • High-intensity LED lights for greater alert and awareness impact with enhanced lens design for 180-degree visibility
  • Bi-colored LED visual light warning for both bright or dark environments, interior and exterior applications and installations
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Advanced Detection & Alert System

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